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Why supply corporate clothing?

Posted by Marc Hendrix on 29/06/2015

Whether you call it workwear, uniform, PPE, branded clothing or corporate wear, clothing supplied by an organisation to its staff is an important business sector especially for Aspect Corporate Clothing Ltd.

Research carried out by two academics Dr Bryan Lukas and Dr Greg Whitwell for Incorporatewear identified six principles including brand, message, productivity, confidence, effectiveness and behaviour.

Most companies will instinctively feel that providing their staff with a uniform will benefit the company and the employee. Sometimes it's necessary to provide PPE (personal protective equipment) to meet health and safety requirements such as hi-viz vest and steel toe cap boots. The rest of the time the company wants their staff to provide a consistent image of the company when they interact with their customers.

None of this is surprising. It's a usual sight these days if you visit a retail store or interact in person with a service company to see them wearing some form of branded company clothing. The odd thing is; companies like it, employees like and customers like it. A virtuous circle! It's not often these three groups have the same view on anything.

So with the research proving it and your own instinct telling you that corporate clothing and workwear are a benefit to your company it's probably just a matter of finding the right company to help you select the type of clothing that most suits your needs and will represent your company and brand best. You'll need a company that understands when to use and benefits between embroidery, screen print, DTG, vinyl and transfer print.

Aspect Corporate Clothing have been established for over 25 years serving some of the most prestigious companies in the world. Organisations such as BBC, Dow Jones, NHS, Lloyds Bank all trust Aspect to help them ensure their staff are clothed appropriately.

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