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Tax refund for washing your uniform

Posted by Tom Gilmore on 27/07/2017

Ho do I get a tax refund for wahing my workwear?

HRMC will refund you for the cost of washing your workwear. If your company provides you with company branded clothing which you are required to wear during working hours and you have to wash these clothes then you can claim a refund for the cost of washing the clothes.

The claim can be backdated 4 years plus the current year makes for a 5 year refund. You’ll need to fill out form P87 which you can download from the government website.

For more information on which occupations can claim and you can down the list from HMRC. Also Martin Lewis from has written a useful article.

P87 tax refund form from HMRC

At Aspect we can offer advice on workwear and uniform but not advise if you are eligible for a claim. Contact David on 020 8991 1800.