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How can I pay for my corporate clothing?

Posted by Tom Gilmore on 26/06/2017

Paying for your corporate clothing

The purchasing for corporate clothing has changed enormously in the last 15 years due to the internet. For companies such as Aspect Corporate Clothing that don’t have a transaction based website (see article for the reasons why) the explosion in payment methods has helped speed-up the buying process.

Bank transfers and BACS make-up about 50% of sales income. Some form of card payment now accounts for 48% of receipts with the balance of just 2% by cheque. And whilst there are charges for accepting Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards this ensures customers without an approved credit account can pay easily and quickly.

Companies such as Amazon pioneered the taking of payment with order as so making it the norm and customers no longer think it unusual to pay before receiving their garments.

We have been looking into the new players in the market such as Square and iZettle often the systems they use are streamlined and simple to use. Their rates are competitive and they are now serious players in the merchant card payment market.

Two considerations for us; can we use a virtual terminal to accept ‘customer not present’ transactions and if their API will work with our cloud accounting system. The reason for this is our invoices are emailed to the customer and the PDF has a ‘pay now’ button to make it easy for the customer to pay. Once payment is received it automatically marks the invoice as paid in our Kashflow accounts software

In the workwear and corporate clothing market many orders are urgent and have a ‘no fail date’ so it’s important that the customer does not feel that we are slowing down the buying process by not having a speedy payment method.

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