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Embroidery v Screen Printing

Posted by Marc Hendrix on 27/03/2013

Is embroidery better than screen printing?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is not always. It depends on the number of garments (workwear/PPE/uniform) you are ordering, the number of colours in your design, the size of your design and your budget.

Embroidery is more durable and will fare better in industrial/heavy washing processes.

With embroidery your design can have 12 colours at no extra cost. The extra costs arise if your logo/design is a 'heavy stitch count' which means it takes a long time to embroider. Larger designs have more stitches and so do designs with solid backgrounds like club shields.

Screen printing can be as large as you want and it won’t affect the price. What does affect the cost is the number of colours in the design. This is because each colour requires is own screen to be made (so you have additional set-up costs) because each screen has a separate ink pushed through it and you pay for each additional colour printed.

For more information view some production videos which give a greater insight into the two different decoration methods.