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Why is Aspect Corporate Clothing Different?

Posted by David Wilton on 28/08/2019

Aspect is not only different from its competitors but we believe better and we demonstrate this every day with every job.

Aspect has now been trading for 30 years. And in that time we’ve obviously learnt a lot. We started out as garment service business, re-labelling and packing mail-order clothing for the catalogues, so we had the production and service skills to make supplying corporate clothing an easier purchase for the customer who is not used to buying staff uniform or promotional clothing.

We looked at the competition, purchased various decorated garments (printed and embroidered workwear) and found that the whole process from initial enquiry to receiving the garments was disjointed, opaque and chaotic. We knew we could do it better by having a set of protocols. And (here’s the most important bit) these protocols could change at every review, which we hold quarterly. These ‘fixed in stone’ reviews are still held to this date, 30 years later! We look at every job in the last quarter, review how the sale started, what time period it took from start to finish, what, if any, problems occurred along the path and what we can changes are needed to make the process smoother for the customer.

So now when we look back 30 years we see a much different and superior company than when we started. But also, we see a company better at serving our customers’ needs than our competition. We will continue to review every job every quarter and see where we can improve. Our ethos of constantly evolving is what makes us different.

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