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Flickable Clothing Brochures

Posted by Marc Hendrix on 27/03/2015

Who knew? We now offer our full clothing catalogue as a flickable brochure

Aspect now offers flickable brochure technology to show our range of printed and embroidered workwear clothing. The flick-able method of displaying garment pictures and specification allows you to see up to 8 items on one screen, as if it was in a physical printed brochure. This is an improvement from most online catalogues (including our own) that display just one product at a time.

Viewing multiple garments on one screen enables you to compare the various similar garments. For example we have over 100 polo shirts in our clothing catalogue. This gives you a wide choice but also makes it difficult to select the right polo shirt. Seeing a range of polos will enable you to compare fabric weight, button colour, placket style, hem or cuff sleeve, body length, side seem vents etc.

The flickable brochures are not priced but the garments can be crossed referenced on our main priced catalogue or you can contact us by phone or email the sales office with questions about price, embroidery, printing, delivery time and logo colours.